About us

We believe that everyone should enjoy the barbecue experience in a comfortable and easy way.


Todobrasa was born more than ten years ago. In the area where we work, a large part of the vine shoots from the pruning of the vineyards were converted into sheaves (a set of branches tied together in the middle) by each farmer for later use or were burnt due to the great amount of work involved.

The concept was clear: take this raw material and pack it in a paper bag with handles. The result? A unique product, easy to handle and easy to transport.



Shortly after the development, production and marketing of our vine shoot bag, we were looking for qualified and environmentally friendly companies to use wood from controlled forest clearance and pruning.

We are aware that a responsible process is necessary in the biomass sector. And that is why we have added bags of holm oak, oak and pine wood from sustainable forests and woodlands to our product catalogue.

As lovers of tradition, we like to take care of every last detail. Our firewood is dried naturally for months, without any kind of treatment to dry it beforehand, which allows us to offer you dry firewood at any time for your cooker, fireplace or kitchen.


We have taken steps to reduce our impact on the planet.
For us this means completely eliminating synthetic raffia from our packaging and offering our customers a new product range developed entirely in paper bags and sacks.

Some of our products need protective packaging to protect them during transport, due to their size, weight and fragility, so we are looking for innovative ways to reduce the amount of plastic we use.




And charcoal is here to stay. Our customers are always at the centre of our decisions and that is why we insist on the need to create new products for barbecue lovers.

These products have been specially developed to cover all needs: from the hotel and catering sector to enjoying a day of barbecue with your loved ones. 

After many years of work we asked ourselves these questions: Why does cooking on the grill have to be complicated? Why do I only find charcoal or wood that doesn't last and goes out quickly? How do I give my dishes a unique and special aroma? The result is our charcoal products with which we are convinced that you will succeed!