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Everest Charcoal Sack 12 Kg.

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Scent is the origin of Everest Charcoal. That's the first thing we thought of when developing this bag. To recreate the sensations you have to feel when climbing to the top of this mountain located in the border area of Nepal and Tibet.

The Everest charcoal is ideal for anyone who wants to climb to the summit of charcoal cooking. It is particularly suitable for cooking all types of food with a professional touch.

A clean, high performance charcoal that will take your grilling to the next level. It will also last much longer, so you won't have to add more than you need. The top means nothing, the charcoal means everything.

Discover the original charcoal aroma with our top of the range. You will triumph!

It goes well with:

You'll like it for:

  • Paper sack easy to handle and store.
  • It allows for long cooking times.
  • Everything is elegant in this product, from the charcoal to the bag.
  • The scent is light and elegant.
  • Characteristics

    Weight12 Kg. approx.
    Dimensions50 x 15 x 80 cm.
    Packaging materialPaper
    Article codeCEV12


    Pack of 2 units.
    Weight: 24 Kg. approx.

    Minipallet of 18 units.
    Dimensions: 60 x 80 cm.
    Weight: 216 Kg. approx.

    American pallet of 70 units.
    Dimensions: 120 x 100 cm.
    Weight: 840 Kg. approx.

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    For quick and easy ignition

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