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Holm Oak Charcoal Sack 15 Kg.

Customer ratings

"The best holm oak charcoal I have ever tried" We don't say so, our customers say so. The best sign that a charcoal is good is when you feel like using it again. This happens when you make your holm oak charcoal in the traditional way with only holm oak wood from controlled felling and thinning of Spanish forests and hills. The area where this charcoal is produced is home to the highest density of holm oak trees in the world.

It makes sense. Controlled production in small ovens, using only fine holm oak wood, guarantees balanced cooking. And the slow cooling to which we subject it, without using water in the process, provides a charcoal of unbeatable quality.

Very easy to light. No smoke or sparks. Its long life allows you to cook for several hours and give your dishes a premium aroma that you will hardly forget. We are convinced that you will succeed!

It goes well with:

You'll like it for:

  • Paper sack easy to handle and store.
  • Simple to use. Use as much as you need.
  • The aroma of holm oak charcoal.
  • Characteristics

    Weight15 Kg. approx.
    Dimensions52 x 21 x 87 cm.
    Packaging materialPaper
    Article codeCE15


    Pack of 2 units.
    Weight: 30 Kg. approx.

    Minipallet of 14 units.
    Dimensions: 60 x 80 cm.
    Weight: 210 Kg. approx.

    American pallet of 50 units.
    Dimensions: 120 x 100 cm.
    Weight: 750 Kg. approx.

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    For quick and easy ignition

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