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Holm Oak Charcoal Sack 12 Kg.

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Rich barbecues. That is what we are looking for. An holm oak charcoal that is easy to light, that doesn't generate smoke or sparks. And one that lasts for hours of cooking. Doesn't it sound great? Of course it does.

As with its brothers, in this sack you will only find a selection of large pieces of holm oak charcoal from controlled pruning and clearing. We do not cut down any trees to produce any of our charcoal. Respect for the environment and sustainability is important.

By lighting so quickly, you will have the embers ready without even knowing it. You just have to be patient, until all the pieces are covered with a thin whitish film. When this happens, you'll have your embers ready to start grilling and give your dishes a unique and spectacular aroma. More charcoal, more aroma, more rich, richer!

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You'll like it for:

  • 100% natural Spanish holm oak.
  • Paper sack easy to handle and store.
  • It is ideal for all kinds of uses, from catering to private individuals.
  • The aroma of holm oak charcoal.
  • Characteristics

    Weight12 Kg. approx.
    Dimensions50 x 15 x 80 cm.
    Packaging materialPaper
    Article codeCE12


    Pack of 2 units.
    Weight: 24 Kg. approx.

    Minipalet of 16 units.
    Dimensions: 60 x 80 cm.
    Weight: 192 Kg. approx.

    American pallet of 60 units.
    Dimensions: 120 x 100 cm.
    Weight: 720 Kg. approx.

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    For quick and easy ignition

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