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Holm Oak Charcoal Bag 4 Kg.

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Good news for those looking for our holm oak charcoal in a smaller format. You no longer have to worry if you want charcoal to make a small and tasty barbecue. This paper bag contains the amount you need to take your barbecues to the next level. 

Our charcoal is 100% natural. It is obtained in a traditional way with fine oak wood of the highest quality. The wood is harvested by pruning. We do not cut any tree to produce any of our charcoal.

And what sets it apart from its big brothers? The careful selection and sieving so that you only find clean, medium-sized pieces.

Let's talk about the aroma. Delicate and pleasant, you'll recognise it immediately when you turn it on. That soft aroma will reach the food you cook to get rich and tasty barbecues. Perfect barbecue guaranteed.

It goes well with:

You'll like it for:

  • The paper bag is easy to carry, clean and non-staining.
  • It ignites quickly and does not generate sparks.
  • It is perfect for family barbecues or barbecues with friends.
  • It has a very pleasant aroma.
  • Characteristics

    Weight4 Kg. approx.
    Dimensions25 x 12 x 54 cm.
    Packaging materialPaper
    Article codeCE4


    Pack de 5 unidades.
    Peso: 20 Kg. aprox.

    Minipallet of 50 units.
    Dimensions: 60 x 80 cm.
    Weight: 200 Kg. approx.

    European pallet of 120 units.
    Dimensions: 120 x 80 cm.
    Weight: 480 Kg. approx.

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    For quick and easy ignition

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