Holm Oak Charcoal

Holm Oak Charcoal Sack 15 Kg.

The best holm oak charcoal you will ever try.

Holm Oak Charcoal Sack 12 Kg.

An easy to light holm oak charcoal that does not generate smoke or sparks. A sure success.

Holm Oak Charcoal Bag 4 Kg.

Holm oak charcoal in small format. Perfect barbecue guaranteed.

World Charcoal

Argentine Charcoal Sack 10 Kg.

The quebracho charcoal will become your favourite.

Marabou Charcoal Sack 10 Kg.

One of the best charcoals for catering and professional use.

Everest Charcoal Sack 12 Kg.

The top means nothing, the charcoal means everything.

Argentine Charcoal Bag 3 Kg.

You deserve the best! This bag of quebracho charcoal in small format is perfect for your barbecues.

Special Charcoal Bag
Ovens and Kamados 7 Kg.

If you are a barbecue professional or if you have an oven or a kamado, this charcoal is the right one for you.

Firewood and starters

Vine Shoots Bag 5 Kg.

A TOP product. Enjoy your traditional grilled meals with the same flavour as always.

Lumix Ignition Pads

Once you try these Lumix gnition pads, you won't be able to live without them.